Donuts, Coffee & Investment Property

The tastiest event that could change your life

We know!

You’ve been thinking about property investment for a while now, but something has stood in your way.

It’s not too late.

Whether you just don’t know where to start, can’t find the time, can’t find the right property, or simply need to be motivated, you’ll find what you need at Donuts, Coffee & Investment Property.

“You wanted the best for us, you have our best interests at heart.”

– Paula Bosher

“I felt I was dealing with a friendly and professional company”

– Steve Baird

“Property Investors Network builds up trust quickly with the network they offered and industry knowledge.”

– Stuart Oldham

“The process through Property Investors Network has been very easy and transparent, with great people to deal with”

– Chay Harris

“The team are really relatable and explain things well. Take on all the stress for you.”

– Joanna Carr


This is an entertaining and enlightening seminar, thanks to the experts from Property Investors Network, who are happy to share their knowledge and guide you through the process of finding, purchasing and managing a rental property in Christchurch.

  • What makes a good investment

  • Where & What to Buy

  • How to time your purchase for the best Capital Gains

  • What you should Budget for

  • Minimising your risk

  • Finding the best deals before they hit the market


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Donuts, Coffee & Investment Property

19th June, 2021
10.30am – 12:00pm

Turanga Library
60 Cathedral Square, Christchurch Central

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